Spectacular Sponsors -- Open Letter to my Husband

As the countdown begins for the 2011 Design House, I am now able to focus beyond my room decor and think again about the reason behind all of this effort.  I have been highlighting the amazing people and businesses who have helped me to make my vision come to fruition and I want to take a minute and thank my biggest supporter of all.  The Shelter for Help in Emergency assists mostly women and their children escape abuse from men in their lives.  I am so fortunate that the man in my life is the exact opposite.

Bryan Smith, I am so grateful for your constant support and acceptance of me not only with this Design House project, but in all aspects of our life.  You have endured hours of my nervous jabbering about vendors and fabric, driven long trips in torrential rains to get a chandelier, worked tirelessly at getting screws into plaster, overlooked a dining room full of bedroom furniture and accessories, and many nights of frozen, last minute meals.  And that's just the beginning.  I cannot thank you enough for knowing me, understanding me and accepting me for who I am.  There is nothing like being able to come home and talk with my best friend about my day.  I appreciate your innate ability to know when to let me rant, when to crack a joke or when to enlighten me on my melodramatic tendencies. Thank you for being you and letting me be me.

I love you.

Your $20 donation to view the fabulous 2011 Charlottesville Design House goes to support women who have endured domestic violence.  Check out the website for the Shelter for Help in Emergency for more information about this important service.

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  1. In response to an Open Letter…

    My talented and lovely wife,
    You know I never miss your Makeover Monday posts. Until now I have not posted a comment on your blog, mostly so your readers don’t have to say “Wow this guy really loves Embellish Interiors! – oh it’s Ami’s husband again.” But I can’t let this one go.
    I know that ‘creating beauty in everyday spaces’ is what you love to do and I can only offer my complete support. For me, being part of something that brings you so much joy is a gift – not everyone has that in their life. I am continually amazed by your talent and creativity and feel very fortunate to be your partner and helping hand. And don’t worry about the Bertolli chicken parmigiana; I love it almost as much as Eliza does! I know things can get a little crazy at times, especially with all you take on, but loving you is the easy part. I will always be wherever you need me.