Spectacular Sponsors -- My Awesome Friends!!

WARNING:  More sappiness ahead!!  I cannot highlight supporters of my Design House efforts without giving credit to the wonderful friends and neighbors who have helped me with my crazy projects!!

I moved into my current neighborhood almost 3 years ago from a remote area outside of Charlottesville mostly for my daughter.  I had no idea how much my own life would be enhanced by this move!  As touched as I was the first time a neighborhood child rang our doorbell to see if  Eliza could come out and play, I am equally blessed with the amazing people around me every day.

For my window treatments, I really wanted to add trim to the fabric that was so generously donated by U-Fab and I had difficulty finding a vendor who was willing to donate any (that stuff gets expensive!!).  So, I came across this idea of using cut fabric to make the trim.  Problem was, the trim required cutting many many circles to create.  Enter my fabulous friends to the rescue!  In a relatively short time, Anita Gupta, Mercer Reeves, Amy Wielar, Lisa Woolfork, Mindy Goodall, Melissa Henriksen, Camilla Tolton, Farnaz Gazoni and Saskia Santen-Arts had a large ice bucket full of circles!!  It was so great to be able to chat and cut together and it made the project so much fun!
But that's not all.........those millions of circles needed to be sewn.  "It's easy!"  Lisa Woolfork exclaimed and zipped through them on her fabulous machine.  "See?!"(3 hours later).  I can't believe how fortunate I am to have these women to support me!  It is so amazing to be surrounded by such talented women who support and uplift each other.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

A little sneak peek at the finished product:
So cute!
I also have to give a big thank you to Rachel Thielman, who sewed the adorable pouf ottomans in my room.  Rachel, your willingness to donate your time and talent to this project is inspirational to me.  I am so grateful for your efforts and hope we can work together again soon!  Rachel is so generous - she offered to sew pillows with the leftover fabric -- how amazing!!

Come support women in our community and tour an amazing home in the 2011 Charlottesville Design House 1687 Mint Springs Road
May 7-22
See you there!

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