Talented Associates

I am so fortunate to have worked with these folks in my design endeavors:

My gorgeous logo was designed by Jennifer Maton of If So INKlined Calligraphy 

Susan Kalergis of Susan Kalergis Photography 
Resposible for Blog Logo background photos &
Embellish "After" photos
Jen Fariello of Jen Fariello Photography 
Collaborations ith Maya Wood and Company
Kim Veillon of Kim Veillon Photography
Eleanor Beck and Cerise Cox of E&C Photography
Responsible for Room for Change "After" photos

Kurt Lehnert of Lehnert Home Improvements
Handyman Services for window and lighting installation, outlet and cable mover extraordinaire

Wade Craig of  Wade Craig Enterprises www.wadecraigenterprisesllc.com
Custom canopy, Fireplace makeover, Painting (Silver ceiling gilding!), Overall handyman for much of Room for Change projects

James Schmidt
Custom reclaimed wood furniture

Maya Wood
Maya Wood and Company 
Custom Carpentry, lighting installation, repairs  

Gerry Frank, Cville Construction
 Custom Carpentry, lighting installation, repairs

Sewing and Upholstery
Bonnie and Bill Templeton of Custom Interiors

Marcia Perkins of Sew Beautiful
Custom drapery, throw pillows, cushions, canopies

Sarah Woodson of Pretty Pretty Please Designs
Custom drapery, window seat cushions, throw pillows, valances and soft shades

Wallpaper Hanger
Iney Byfield

Heather Picinich of Heather Picinich Interiors
Former business partner, Room for Change