Getting ready for guests

It's a room that sometimes doesn't get much use, but when you need it, you want it to serve its purpose well: the spare bedroom. This is the time of year that I get the most inquiries about finishing bedrooms from clients preparing for the holidays. Thankfully, this client caught me just in time for a quick redo before her company arrived.

We started with a very blank slate.
My client already had a duvet cover with great color to use as a jumping off point.

I found a quilt in a fabulous deep magenta that matched the bedding exactly and some earthy throw pillows to soften the bed (a new upholstered headboard is in the works).
We used the warm gold color for the walls and linen window treatments.
Wall sconces provide light without taking up space on the narrow nightstands.
The room is now warm and inviting.
We relocated a mirrored armoire from elsewhere in the house and added accessories that provide texture and interest.

Ready for company!
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