Another assisted living make over

Last week, I shared with you a semi-private room I turned into a model for the assisted living facility in Front Royal, VA.  Here is another Embellished space in that facility, this one is a private suite.

While this room had already received carpeting, it was still very institutional.
More warm neutrals were added with lots of texture to provide interest and comfort.
A much more welcoming place to stay!


  1. Congratulations, the past two weeks have truly been some of your best and probably most appreciated work. Every VA, and assisted living facility around would be wise to consult with you. I would have never thought of how you could turn something so cold and dreary into a home that is warm and inviting.-Jeff Price

  2. Hello,

    Great information! This services provided are bathing/dressing assistance, walking and transferring, medication administration, arranging doctor's appointments, toileting needs, personal hygiene, laundry services, and shopping. Please keep sharing more and more information...

    Assisted Living Oakland

  3. Thank you for the compliments! I am so happy to be able to work on this type of job and be able to implement things my patients have needed in the past -- access to furniture while using a walker, chairs with firm seats and armrests, mirrors that allow the person to be seen while seated in a wheelchair......all while looking warm and inviting. Hope to do more in the future!

  4. Nice job on converting these assisted living rooms. They seem so livable now!

    I sell oil paintings to interior designers. Will be in Little Rock on Monday, Aug 20. Sounds like you have a day job and it would be hard to show you paintings but feel free to contact me if you have needs for paintings in the future.

    Best wishes,

    Winston Riley
    Art dealer

  5. I've enjoyed your site all day since Kelly T mentioned you are working on her living room! This one especially so, since this may be a space we need help with in the near future. How warm and inviting you made it just thrills me.

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I have been busily putting together plans for the common rooms in this facility next.....so exciting to think of the possibilities! Thanks for looking at my site. I hope to update more often!