Online Decorating Consultation

I've told this story many times, so please forgive me if you've already heard it.  I was encouraged to start this decorating venture by my friend, who after leaving Charlottesville, paid someone else for the work I always did in her home while her husband was in his residency at UVA.    That same friend has relocated again and while sadly it's not in Charlottesville, she wants her home Embellished and is inspiring me to venture into the idea of using the internet for her decorating consultation.

The concept is not that different from what I usually do; I did my initial consultation via photos and e-mails versus in-home, but I was able to give her a plan in an e-mailed presentation and they've been working hard at implementing it.

First to get Embellished:  The Dining Room
Before:  The previous homeowners had some great taste -- We all loved the dark navy on the walls, so it stayed.  But the radiator and valance needed to go.
I proposed using a radiator cover, but having it built much wider than the actual radiator itself to allow for use as a serving table.  Cotton striped drapes give the room character and height and buffet lamps to coordinate with the chandelier add drama.

 So cool to see it come together from afar!

Stay tuned -- can't wait to share the gorgeous chandelier and cool square rug!

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  1. You did an amazing job and truly saved us money and sanity. The room functions better with your awesome idea to use the radiator cover as a buffet. Brilliant in a small space! Your sizing of the chandelier was just right. I would have ordered too small without you and it would have been okay, but now it is so much better! You never miss a detail! Thank you Ami!

  2. Thank YOU for trusting me. Now, we'll have to work on a visit to see the finished product!!