Dramatic Dining Room

Thanks again to Kim Veillon for the photographs featured in this post. Today's makeover features a dining room that transformed into a much more formal space.
 Wallpaper was this biggest impact for changing the feel of this room. We chose a Candice Olson green-blue metallic wallpaper with crystal details. The way the light bounces off of the metallic and crystal finishes is gorgeous by day and even more dramatic at night. We also chose an oblong chandelier with a bit more sparkle to really fill the space above the table.
The client loved her furniture as well as the beautiful silk drapes made by Sarah Woodson of Pretty Pretty Please Designs. She also wanted to incorporate a family vintage piece for displaying china. We balanced the room with a curved storage piece in the opposite corner. Using a mirrored tray to anchor the items for the centerpiece, a series of botanicals on a simple burlap runner keep with the farmhouse look of the rest of the home.
The buffet got a complete transformation too with the addition of a dramatic mirror flanked by large lamps with dripping crystals that coordinate with the chandelier. We also relocated the wine storage to a new wine chiller elsewhere in the house.

After photo courtesy of Susan Kalergis Photography 

A pretty big transformation!
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Beautiful Bedroom

The after photos I'm using for this post were taken by Kim Veillon. I am so grateful to be able to share photos that actually capture my designs and am thankful to Kim for sharing her talents with Embellish Interiors. Stay tuned more more pretty pictures from Kim - so exciting!

Despite a couple of hiccups along the way (took 3 tries to get to this duvet due to fabric flaws and discontinued prints), I love how this bedroom turned out.  The pendant lighting beside the bed has to be my favorite part.  The beautiful antiqued crystal pendants were installed with dimmers and are controlled with remotes separately of one another to allow for night time reading on one side and peaceful sleep on the other. Without placing lights on the nightstands, we were able to create a small reading nook on one side of the bed with a little table to place a book or cup of tea. The sconce lighting originally in the space was too narrow for the headboard and didn't allow much room for decor above it.

The photos above the headboard were originally in the shelving unit between the bed and sitting areas.  While I love the use of family photos, the shelves seemed a little cluttered and busy.  The ledge above the bed adds a rustic element to the space and silver frames on it add a little sparkle. I replaced the items on the shelves with an eclectic mix of white accessories and topiaries.

On the side opposite of the bed, I added large mirrors above the dresser to add drama to the simple lines of the piece of furniture.

Baskets are also incorporated throughout the space to contain clutter and add storage. 
Another relaxing retreat!

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Reconfigured Family Room

I truly have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients over the years and am so grateful for their willingness to open their homes and share their family experiences with me. I have so enjoyed working with this client.  She is the most amazing hostess and her family is just as warm and kind.

This project has taught me a lot, aside from how to treat guests in my home! I had to step out of my decorating comfort zone (I've never been asked to find a fabric that was "more tribal" before!), but I love the result -- a comfortable, relaxed, eclectic feel that reflects the remarkable family that lives there.  I still need to take photos, but here's a quick peek of the newly recovered sofas, chair and ottoman as well as a new display shelf, comfy rug and custom coffee table made of reclaimed wood. And, here's proof that I don't always do window treatments!
Stay tuned for more photos!
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How to (better) Hang Drapes (and why ready-made drapes should come in longer lengths)

I have worked with several clients who were fearful that I would come into their home and fill it with fancy drapery. I assure you that I do not force window treatments on anyone and am not of fan of fussy windows.  I do; however, think that adding drapery to a window completely transforms a whole room and can be an inexpensive change for interiors needing a pick-me-up.

If you do subscribe to the drapery thing, how your drapes are hung really makes a difference. There are tons of posts out there about this -- my favorite includes this image:
This pretty much shows it all: a curtain hung correctly makes the window, even the room, look larger and softens the space. You will notice also that the fabric does not have to cover important natural light coming in. 

Easy enough -- BUT, if you are trying to cut down on costs and purchase ready-made drapery, most stores have 84" long drapes in stock, which are not long enough to achieve this look in most homes. This is typical for homeowners who have tried installing on their own:

Such cute shades from World Market, but the dark horizontal line across the top shortens the window and the wall.

Some stores have caught on (World Market now carries some of their drapery in 96"length in the store), but most will offer longer lengths online.  It is worth spending a few extra dollars (and maybe some shipping fees) to hang your drapes the right way. Here is the same window now:
I may be a bit partial to the cute new fabric too, but the room feels completely different now!

Hope this helps with your window dressing decisions, but if you're still wanting help, give me a call or write me an e-mail.  I love this stuff!