Beautiful Bedroom

The after photos I'm using for this post were taken by Kim Veillon. I am so grateful to be able to share photos that actually capture my designs and am thankful to Kim for sharing her talents with Embellish Interiors. Stay tuned more more pretty pictures from Kim - so exciting!

Despite a couple of hiccups along the way (took 3 tries to get to this duvet due to fabric flaws and discontinued prints), I love how this bedroom turned out.  The pendant lighting beside the bed has to be my favorite part.  The beautiful antiqued crystal pendants were installed with dimmers and are controlled with remotes separately of one another to allow for night time reading on one side and peaceful sleep on the other. Without placing lights on the nightstands, we were able to create a small reading nook on one side of the bed with a little table to place a book or cup of tea. The sconce lighting originally in the space was too narrow for the headboard and didn't allow much room for decor above it.

The photos above the headboard were originally in the shelving unit between the bed and sitting areas.  While I love the use of family photos, the shelves seemed a little cluttered and busy.  The ledge above the bed adds a rustic element to the space and silver frames on it add a little sparkle. I replaced the items on the shelves with an eclectic mix of white accessories and topiaries.

On the side opposite of the bed, I added large mirrors above the dresser to add drama to the simple lines of the piece of furniture.

Baskets are also incorporated throughout the space to contain clutter and add storage. 
Another relaxing retreat!

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