Guest Cottage

This cottage is such a terrific place for guests to stay - it has a full kitchen, even a washer and dryer! But it was mostly empty when my client needed a place for guests to stay.
This is a view of the main room. My client wanted to be able to use this space both for guests and as a home office for her husband.
Here is the same view today. By rotating the desk, the user has a much better view than the wall. We relocated shelving from her previous home and added a seating area for the kitchen.
Here's a better view of the multi-purpose table area.
The banquette seating is actually a sleeper sofa - it opens up to make a double bed.
The chairs can be used for seating at the table or for guests at the office.
A fun beaded chandelier adds some character and more light.
We customized the kitchen area by opening up the center cabinets and adding a beadboard backsplash.

 I'm excited to share the bedroom and bathroom transformations too.
Stay tuned!

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