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Today's post is actually an addendum to the post that follows.  Waiting for custom furniture pieces can seem like forever, but we finally got the chair for the desk in for this makeover and I wanted to share what the rest of the room looks like finished.
Here's a refresher:

This home is brand-new with gorgeous tall ceilings and lots of natural light.  I worked with the homeowner to incorporate what she already owned from her previous home to make it work in the new one.  We added the chandelier and pediment that you've already seen, but we also introduced a bit of color and softness to the French doors with long linen panels in a spa blue. We placed a tall upholstered chair at the desk built by my client's father and displayed a painting by the homeowner above it.
 Finally finished!!

 And, in case you've forgotten, here's the rest of the room:

 Despite living in her brand-new home only six months, this homeowner was already talking about moving.  Convinced that she just needed to make it more her own, she and I came up with a plan to make the space more inviting and personal.  Using her love of Coastal Living and her beautiful artwork, the room was transformed from this:  

To this:
The large chandelier helps to bring the soaring ceilings to a more inviting height.  By separating the bookcases, adding a bench in between and an overscale weathered pediment above, the furniture pieces aren't dwarfed by the tall walls.
To make the space more personal, the homeowner's own artwork is featured throughout the room with a gallery for pictures and art up the steps.
Before, not much going on:

Now, a whole lot to see!
A beautiful striped cotton rug gives a nautical feel and blends with the slipcovered sofa.  A new oval mirrored and glass coffee table has a modern edge but is still comfortable and doesn't take up too much visual space.

We're still waiting on a desk chair --I'll post photos of that wall with the linen drapery soon!
Hopefully, the homeowner feels more at home now!
Looking for help making your house more home-y?
I'd love to help! 
Maybe your home will be a Monday Makeover Feature!

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