Back to the Office: Another Shared Office Space

 This room re-do involved much of the same as the previous shared office space.  I removed unused furniture and created individual work areas for each of the desks. 

This room has no natural light, so I chose a gold color for the walls to brighten the space.  The pattern in the area rugs repeats the pattern of the larger area rug in the adjacent room and adds visual interest while again concealing cords.
Adding large mirrors to flank the fireplace also increases the light in the space.
More photography from Kristin Moore, this time in black in white is art above the fireplace.
Faux greenery gives the room some life and grey and gold accents serve as focal points.
A table allows for group meetings and a large area rug helps to dampen the sound of footsteps on the hardwood floors.
Another Embellished space!


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  2. Thank you, Stive. It is good to have an aesthetically pleasing environment to work in!

  3. Good choice of color, Ami! The color beige definitely gives life to this office space. The space looks well-lit and spacious thanks to your smart concept and design. It important for offices to have a good working environment as it fosters productivity among workers. And your designs achieved that without compromising the aesthetics. [Blake Mitchell]

  4. Amazing remodeling, it sure requires some basic knowledge and skills to transform a bad looking office to a beautiful one, we all know how much workplace environment is important for better performance.