Office Spruce Up: Shared space

I recently had the opportunity to help this office transition to a new beautiful space on the Downtown Mall.  Today, I am featuring a shared office space.

When I first saw this room, it was really obvious they'd recently moved and were trying to make do with what they had in their previous space.  In addition to several unused furniture items, electronic cords caused a visual distraction and there was no consistency with desk lighting.

 A new paint color, a furniture shuffle and new bookcase room divider and some art on the walls:
 I used area rugs to both define individual spaces and conceal cords.  Each desk was equipped with a new undermounted cord management system and floor lamp as well as a bookcase for much needed storage.   A table fills up the center of the room and provides a spot for eating lunch away from the desk.  Don't you love that crazy area rug?!

Here's another view of the room before:
Photographs by Kristin Moore Photo depicting local downtown haunts were donated to the project and paint chips are used for additional framed color.  I used the colors in the artwork as inspiration for the oranges and blues throughout the space.
And now:
I added a large closet in the entry for storing coats and hiding extra office supplies.
The large closets also balance out a huge bookcase in the room that was left by the previous tenants.
Before, this bookcase was just a blank space.
Now, it is full of color.

Embellished, office style -- quite an improvement!

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  1. Wow! It's awesome! And has the Chatlottesville feel. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. The photos of Charlottesville from Kristin Moore
    are great and the color scheme is a little nod to the Cavs.