Mammoth Lampshades

Today's Makeover Monday is another re-vamp of a thrift store find.  I fell in love with the scale of these lampshades and had to have them.  I was so excited to be able to use them in the Design House, but they weren't very exciting in their original state.

Using a great Waverly print (Sea Scallop) from U-Fab, I gave them a new, even funkier look.  Here's how:

Use the lampshade as a guide to cut out the fabric. 
Start at the seam and roll the lampshade along the fabric, guiding a pencil.
Add 1/2 inch to this line and cut along that line.

Starting at the seam on the lampshade, run a line of hot glue and secure the fabric. 
Continue with the glue gun at the top and bottom of the lampshade rim. 
Score the excess fabric and bend over the rim, gluing with the hot glue gun.
I chose to finish the inside with gimp to leave clean edges.
And here it is:
They make a great statement!
Like these shades, but not into the crafty bit?
I'd be happy to help!

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