Desk Makeover

Hopefully I've given my readers some time to recover from the all of the Design House postings.  I really needed some time to focus my energy on something new, but realize I need to fulfill my promise to post some how-to's from my pieces there.  Today, I am featuring the desk re-vamp.

I found this guy at Goodwill for a song.
 The top had seen better days and how about those federal-style drawer pulls?!  But the size was perfect.

I gave it first a coat of glossy white paint all over. And then I found this:
 It's a crocodile embossed scrapbooking paper.  Not sure who would cover it with photos, but that's another story.......  I'm no expert in decoupage, but if you're really intrigued and looking for inspiration for projects, check out Mod Podge Rocks.  So many cool applications for this stuff!

Anyhow, I chose to put this awesome paper on the fronts of the drawers.  Using a straight edge cutter (I am physically unable to cut a straight line with anything else), I cut the paper to the size I wanted.

Because I am messy and impatient, I squirted the mod podge directly onto the drawer and spread it with a paint brush.
I put the paper on top of the wet mod podge and  used a wooden skewer to punch a hole in the paper where the drawer pull needed to go.
Another coat of Mod Podge to seal it,.
I found some funky new drawer pulls at the Habitat Store to finish off the drawer fronts.  After some drying time, I installed them and covered the damaged top with fabric topped with glass and "voila".....new desk!

Of course, with that gorgeous chair from U-Fab in front of it. the desk looks extra fabulous!
What a stylish place to do homework!

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