Maya Wood and Company -- Built-in Bookshelves

I really wish I had a photo of this completed space for you (working on it!), but since Maya has these gorgeous photos of his work in there, I'll at least show that part!!

My client purchased this beautiful older home after living in new construction and was having difficulty with furniture placement and storage in this room. It has gorgeous mouldings and rounded steps leading into it, but they family of 5 really needed to be able to use the space more efficiently.

This is the back wall of the room. On the opposite side is a beautiful fireplace (I'll get photos, I promise!!). The kids used this television for gaming and lounging when they had friends over. The sofa faces directly away from the fireplace and the room lacked light.
Maya and I designed this built-in to provide storage and lighting as well as an opportunity to showcase items.

Photo by Jen Fariello Photography

 By relocating the television to the other side of the room, I was able to incorporate a large sectional that can seat seven people and also allows for viewing the fireplace.

Integrated lighting in the built-ins brightens the space. Closed cabinet doors allow for concealed storage of toys, crafts and games.
Photo by Jen Fariello Photography

Another great collaboration!

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