What a Difference A Drape Makes

Just a quick note about window dressings today.
A great window treatment can completely change a room.  It's a great opportunity to add softness and color and personality and adding them does not have to break the bank.  While there are some great inexpensive options out there, some homeowners hesitate to invest in drapery due to fear of not know how to hang them.  Here are a few tips I've learned:

Go long.
While there are plenty of applications for valances and blinds alone, using a long length of fabric in a room really makes an impact.  It changes the whole feel of the space; from the accoustics, to the visual focus to the physical warmth.

    Hang 'em High.  
    Placing the drapery rod above the window frame gives the illusion of height in a room.  These drapes are actually hanging from rods installed in the ceiling.
    Photo by Susan Kalergis Photography for Embellish Interiors
    The same effect occurs when shades are mounted higher than the window.  See how much bigger the windows appear?
    Think Width.
    Similar principles apply for the width of the windows.  By working outside the window moulding, not only do you reduce the amount of coveted natural light covered, your windows look more substantial.
    Get creative.
    Your windows are a great place to show a little personality.  Do you want drama or whimsy?  Contemporary or traditional?  Your windows are a great place to add color and pattern.  Don't be afraid to display what you like - it's your home, after all!

    Need some help deciding which treatments are the best for your windows?  
    Give me a call.....I'd love to help!

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      1. Love it! Great job with all these projects.
        We need something for our dining room and the window treatment is just the thing!