Peacock Bedroom -- FINALLY!

So, a friend of mine bought her mother some beautiful turquoise chairs and I happened to visit her home and the rest is history...........

Before, this bedroom didn't have much going for it.  The beautiful furniture was not showcased; the walls and drapes were bland and the lamps were well, peachy-mauve.

Using turquoise as an inspiration, I talked the homeowner into this beautiful peacock feather bedding with brown and green accents.
And then, I fell in love...........
with wallpaper.

What can I say?  It's sparkly, metallic and such a gorgeous blue!
I wish I could take better photos - 
But, one pays for such beauty.  Not only is it costly, apparently, hanging crystal wallpaper is difficult.
My solution was to frame the wallpaper, using less and eliminating the need for seaming.  My wonderful, supportive, handsome handyman husband cut out the moulding and sprayed it with gold metallic paint.  I went back over the frames with silver, creating a finish that blends well with both silver and gold.
Mirrored lamps flank the bed and add more sparkle.
Triple framed panels fill the wall space and serve as a gorgeous backdrop for the inspirational chairs and a beautiful mirrored table.  Recognize the lamp?!

Before, the lamp on the dresser was dated and items were mismatched. 

Now, the room is cohesive with a new metallic turquoise lamp and matching accessories.

Wanting to add some sparkle to your bedroom decor?  Give me a call......I'd love to help!


  1. Wow! It's lovely! Well-done, again, Ami.

  2. THIS IS GORGEOUS! I just bought this same comforter set and happened upon your blog post while looking for paint ideas. LOVE IT! You have great talent. Do you know what color paint you used? If you matched it to the wallpaper color, can you refer me to the wallpaper name and maker for a sample?

    Thanks for any help you can lend.


  3. Rachel,

    I am sorry I am just now coming across your post! Thanks for the compliments. The wallpaper is by Antonina Vella - Seabrook Designs and I chose the wallcolor to match.

    Hope your project turns out well!

  4. Hello Amy: I loved the peacock bedroom decoration. Could you please let Mr know where I can get the bedding set? My e-mail is dionellarivas@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance. Best regards,


  5. I would also love to know where you find the bedding set - my email is wellsb@miamioh.edu. Thank you!

  6. I have this bedding set, but we are upgrading to a King size bed, and the set I have is for the queen. I can't remember the brand of the set, and I am having a hard time finding it! Please email me the info: retailtherapyme@gmail.com. Thank you!

  7. I would love this bedding too!! info please..lausiejane@gmail.com Thank you very much!!

  8. I would love to know the paint color as well as where I can order the bedding. Thank you bbcoachbrandi@gmail.com