What I did today: Family Photos

I know I've done posts about family walls before, but I thought it might be fun to show you the process when dealing with multiple frame sizes and shapes.  One of my amazing clients I am currently working with has a collection on family photos going all the way to her great great grandparents.  I was so happy to get to work with her to get those photos out of the folders and boxes and up on display!  The Great Frame Up did a terrific job with this project and I think the framed photos and momentos look great in her sitting room -- can't wait to share the finished space!

Beautiful bones in the before -- vintage and custom furnishings, a gorgeous Yves Delorme chandelier and ever so subtle wide stripes on the robin's egg walls.
If you are a visual person like me, this is the easiest way to hang frames, especially when dealing with multiple sizes.
After creating paper cutouts of each frame, I came up with a layout on the floor.  My client has her photos arranged by generation, placing each generation on a different wall.  This wall features great-great grandparents. 
The paper cutouts get taped to the wall in the chosen configuration, evolved from the one on the floor.
 (Note the holiday paper being used -- I purchased waaaaay too much of this stuff!)
It is so easy to hang the photos once the paper cutouts are up!
Such amazing displays -- on the right is my client's great-great grandparents' marriage certificate!

This one's of the grandparents--
The plan:

 The product:
 Almost finished!

Stay tuned........
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