This makeover is part of an assisted living renovation. Before, the design was very institutional.  And dated.  The dark carpet, vinyl upholstery and floral prints needed to go.
I chose an interesting taupe and green-blue 
leaf print carpet for the floor and neutral tan for the walls.
The beautiful mountain views are now framed with taupe and green plaid cotton drapes.

I developed an orangery theme for the space, featuring citrus decor with pops of yellow and orange amongst the neutral tones.
 A faux lemon tree fills the corner of the room.

Another look at the other side of the room before:

And here it is now:

 The seating area before:


 A nice improvement!


  1. That's beautiful and very inviting. You have such a gift for 'seeing the vision' Ami.

  2. The orangery is exquisite. It has an intangible serenity...warm and cool at the same time. And you have a great eye for photography. Conservatory Extension