Sock Hop Birthday Party

 So, this is my third party post on my Embellish blog.  While it's a bit of a departure from my regular decorating blogging, I so love decorating for a party, and I love to be able to share my ideas for the decor and celebration.
Thanks for indulging me!

 This year, our theme was a sock hop.  
Here's a look at our dining room, come "diner" for the evening:
 I created the chandelier centerpiece with my fabulous Cricut, making 10's from record-like shapes. 

 Old 33's were melted in the oven to create the plates and old fashioned cups in fun pink and turquoise await chocolate milkshakes.

Here's a view of the "dance hall" with 45's and tissue paper flowers hung from the ceiling.  Circle skirts are ready for the guests on the back of the sofa.

Amazing birthday cake by Maliha Creations

 Adorable details!
 Miniature cookie hamburgers and cake french fries for snacking.

The girls added vintage kitties on their circle skirts made by the birthday girl's Grandmother.
Finished skirts drying on the sofa.

While we waited for the glue to dry, the girls learned some 50's dances -- the hand jive, the bunny hop, the stroll and of course, the mashed potato and twist.
 The skirts were a real hit!

To fuel up for more dancing, the girls had old-fashioned bottles of coke, hamburgers, french fries,
And milkshakes, of course!
I made the embellishments on the straw with the Cricut -- so cute!
Another fun party!!

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