Different Dining Room

My client inherited a red dining room when she purchased her home.  She contacted me because she was tired of seeing her dark walls.

I lightened the walls with a taupey-grey color, added a rug in gold and grey and recovered their dining chairs.  A mirror was relocated to reflect the light from the windows and gorgeous sconces were added for light and a little drama.
By hanging the drapery higher on the wall, the windows appear larger and give the room more height.

Before, low curtains on red walls:
Now, they are light and bright.

I neglected to get a good photo of the sconces -- love the rustic iron and delicate crystal combination!

A new dining room, perfect for entertaining!

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  1. This makes me so envious! I'm like an Embellish junkie now that you've done our living room...Can't wait for my next "fix"! I am saving my pennies for "our" next project together :)

  2. Kelly, I'd love the opportunity to work in your home again! Just say when!!