Embellishing with bows

Thought I'd pass along a few tips for making bows to use during your holiday decorating.  I recommend using ribbon with a wire edge.  It holds its shape and will look better when re-used in years to come.  I am going to show bow-making using two types of ribbon; a printed one and one without a "right" side. 

For beginners, I think a ribbon that looks good on either side is easiest.  To make this bow for decorating, you will need wire-edged ribbon, thin wire, scissors and wire cutters.

Begin by cutting a piece of wire.  I like to use this piece to attach my bow, so keep that in mind when cutting;  to go around a wreath, you'll need maybe 12" , to go around a post (like on my porch), you'll need around 24".  To start the bow, make a loop with your ribbon. 

Holding the middle in one hand, make another loop on the other side. 

Keep looping until you have 3-4 loops on either side. 

Pinch the center of the loops together with one hand and wrap the wire around it, pulling as tight as you can.  Wrap the wire around itself a few times to secure it.  The side with the wire coming out is the back of your bow. 

Cut another piece of ribbon (for this bow, I used about 24") and tie it in a knot around the wire in the center of your loops to cover your wire and create a center for your bow. 

Take a moment and fluff out your loops, turning them a bit from the middle away from one another to give the bow dimension. 


The same principle applies with a one-sided ribbon, only when making your loops, you have to twist the ribbon to make the right side face outward.

Pinch all of your loops together in the center and secure it with your wire.

Wrap the center with a smaller piece of ribbon and twist the loops.  My table is a glittery mess, but the bow is adorable!!

Is this too much for you to handle?  I'd love to help!  Let me put together a beautiful holiday display for you!

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