If you've looked at the rest of my blog at all, you may have noticed my love for all things shopping.  Combined with my passion for interior decorating, I can't really think of a job more suited for me than to shop for accessories for a room.  I visited with the homeowners of this space last spring.  Armed with a DIY plan from me, they began the makeover process.  I think they learned along the way how difficult it is to fully finish everything and still have some big items to purchase, but they were ready for things to start getting polished and gave me a call.  Today's post shows a little accessorizing to move them toward a gorgeous, functional room.

Before, the walls were very neutral and the scale of everything on the fireplace wall was too small.
Now, the fireplace wall is a feature in a robin's egg blue.  The large artwork is a much better scale for the fireplace and diverts your attention from the television.  New custom cabinets provide storage and a place for display  Tall table lamps add light and a touch of whimsy.

The existing drapes got a new life with floral trim, a new rug in blue with cream and caramel accents and a blue lamp shade tie everything together.
Those new throw pillows and mohair throw will look great on a new sofa someday!
Stay tuned - hopefully someday soon this will become a full-fledged Makeover!
Are you needing some assistance with accessorizing your room?  I'd love to help!

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