Cramped to Comfortable Family Room

This large family had just moved into their home and needed some guidance with their new great room.  Using the vintage bicycle artwork the homeowner already had for design inspiration, we came up with a warm and comfortable place for the whole family to relax.
The oversized sectional found a new home in the entertainment room in the basement.  New window valances add height and warmth to the windows.  A soft butterscotch leather sofa and loveseat better fit the space and a pretty red recliner provides a reading nook by the fireplace.

The family wall artfully displays family memories.
 I love to create bookcase displays. Meaningful family objects from Dad's favorite fire truck to items to show their love of bicycling really show who lives here.

The kitchen area got a makeover too. 

A new larger table with slate inserts, an oversized clock and floral drapery panels add visual interest.
 Lanterns above the island and a white ceramic vignette above the cabinets are focal points, adding height to the room.
  Do you have a room in need of a makeover?  Give me a call.........
Maybe your home will be a Makeover Monday feature!

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