Special Occasions: Fall Exterior

My family takes an annual beach trip at the end of September and usually, I just let the plants on my front porch die off so I can tear them out for my fall decor.  This year, the weather was cooler and wetter (not so good for the beach) but when I returned, my front door still looked like this:
Now, I'm no green-thumb, but I do not have the heart to ruin perfectly good plants on purpose.  So, I found these plant stand stakes at Tuesday Morning (love that place!) and raised my pumpkins above the still alive plants. 
We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Sarah's Pick Your Own Pumpkins in Madison, VA and I fell in love with these sorghum and millet stalks.  Although I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me when I asked to purchase some (they're used for hay), I think they look beautiful in a fall arrangement.  I know some may say "less is more", but isn't it nice to have such a bountiful harvest?!
Note the orange leopard print rug.  I couldn't resist!

Another Fall vignette on my front porch with pumpkins and lanterns.  I'll leave these out until Christmas.......
And I just have to share.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Eliza had HER house decorated way before I had mine!

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