An Embellished Christmas

I spent this Christmas Eve playing Santa's helper for one of my clients. This re-do is a Christmas gift from husband to wife. He wanted to create a Zen-like retreat in the master bathroom for his wife and he wanted to create it while she was at work on Christmas Eve!

They had a great start -- gorgeous tub, water basins, even beautiful bone mirrors, but were stumped when it came to making the space more inviting. We started with the walls (so fortunate to have a painter willing to work at 6:30 am on Christmas eve!!). We used a deeper taupe called canoe by Sherwin Williams.

The mirrors are beautiful, but small for the space.
 We chose new light fixtures with Asian flair that had more length to fill the vertical space and I placed a wall mounted orchid to fill the width of the vanity, but still allow for storage on top. (A couple of shipping issues led to a broken shade......new one is on order!!)
We added teak accents with the mat and new towel rack.
A framed palm fond and candle sconces fill the space above.

The wall above the beautiful tub needed something larger than the shelving the homeowners had chosen (and they didn't like how little the shelves held).

I found this great piece of carved wood art at Patina Antiques, Etc.
A teak shelving unit provides storage at a convenient spot accessible while soaking.

The bamboo blinds were great for creating the Zen mood, but the bare walls were cold.
Easily remedied with some accessories!
Check out the amazing bath caddy the homeowner found -- it even has a space to hold a wine goblet!

We even spruced up the water closet with an oversized orchid decal:

Such a great idea! I was so happy to be a part of the Christmas magic!

You may recognize elements from this re-do in this master bedroom -- it's in the same home!

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