Office Spruce Up: Conference Room

Today's post features more of the office makeover on the Downtown Mall.   Despite having plenty of chairs, the staff could not all sit at the table in the conference room and it was full of random furnishings.

The gorgeous exposed brick walls are highlighted with a new wall color.  Another local photo from Kristin Moore Photo hangs above the fireplace. 
 By intersecting two tables, enough seating was created and still fit the room.
The colors of the durable rug come from the green and rust tones of the bus in the photo on the fireplace.
Another work space was created in the corner of the room to accommodate telephone correspondence behind closed doors.
An Embellished conference space!


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  2. A conference room is an important part of any business, because this is where all meetings and important discussions takes place. So making it appealing and functional is a must. And looking at your design, there’s no doubt that every meeting that will be held in that room will have a good outcome. Thanks for sharing!

    Kevin King @ ACRGA

  3. Wonderful photographs!! Loved the way you have captured these! Personally I love such kind of photography. Recently I visited San Francisco and captured so adorable photographs at various meeting space San Francisco. It is an amazing photo collection!