That was quick!

My very own Design Star Challenge!!
Empty condo in need of complete furnishings; from televisions to towels, mattress to pots and pans.
Timeframe: 10 days - including 4 weekend days and Thanksgiving holiday
Client requests:  CB2/Design Within Reach styling; two 55" flatscreens, a king sized bed, Ansel Adams-type art (I never met him; only his personal assistant!)
Limited Budget.
I wanted to do this so badly that I didn't admit my plans to spend Thanksgiving in WV.  That meant I needed to complete the job technically in 6 days.  That meant no internet ordering, purchasing furniture directly from the showroom and lots of legwork and phone calls begging for quick delivery.  With some help from my amazing family, I was able to finish the project.  Here it is.  Let me know what you think!

Here's the condo I was given:
Here's what it looks like now:


These cool green mercury glass vases were the 
inspiration for my pops of acid green to liven
the masculine blacks, browns and greys in the space.

The dining area before:
Here it is now:
Cool acrylic chairs and glass-topped table
are anchored with a sisal rug.   Black and 
white artwork above a glossy white sideboard 
is accented with a green glass lamp.

Another pop of green in the place setting at the table.

The Bedroom:
A cool, crisp white bedspread with white sheets with a totally cool reptile textured quilt accent dresses the bed.  Drawers under the platform bed provide storage. 
And, how about those amazing mohair pillows?!

A desk area in the bedroom allows for a workspace.

Here's the crew at work:
My parents purchased furniture for me in Pittsburgh, PA.  My father drove to Charlottesville with a carload and worked all day assembling furniture for me.
My always amazing husband provided handyman services and much needed support and my daughter wanted everything for her room.
Kurt Lenhert installed one of the huge televisions before he left for NC to be with family.
There are, of course, more things I'd like to do to the space and plan on sharing them with my client and with you too.
Thanks for taking a look!
Have a project for your Charlottesville, VA interior?


  1. I can't fathom start to finish in six days. That's amazing!

  2. Wonderfully beautiful (and your daughter is smart!! :) ).

  3. Thank you! I love a good decorating challenge!

  4. Ami! It is awesome! Wow, such amazing, thoughtful, and consistent design. I love the subtle and the bold ways you made it happen. Congrats!!