Warming up......

This beautiful home just needed some warmth and pulling together.
We added some color to the fireplace with warm copper tone and taller accents to fill the space above the mantle.  The  bookshelves got rearranged and family photos fill the hallway wall.

 A sofa from the basement and paisley print chairs are comfortable places to lounge.  Subtle aqua blue accents are used throughout the room.
 Before, the beautiful windows were bare.  
 Now, new copper colored damask drapes warm them up and make them a feature.
It's amazing what a little change can do!
Are you looking to make a change in your home?  Give me a call.....I'd love to help!


  1. Hello Ami! I am new to your blog through Jeannine at Small & Chic. I am a fellow Charlotesville design blogger, happy to find you!

  2. Hi, Marissa! Thanks for stopping by!