Decluttered Kitchen

In helping my client with the move to her new home, it was important to consider the utility of each space specific to her and her family. The previous owners used the seating area in their kitchen as a lounge space with upholstered chairs and had a lot of clutter on the countertops.
With a family of 5, my client needed to use that space for a table. And despite the number of children, there is no clutter. Seriously. Everything has a home and gets put away.
The new lighting makes a big difference. We replaced the two pendants above the island for a more streamlined single fixture. Potlights in the seating area were changed to beautiful pendants above the table. A new soothing paint color on the walls and the island adds sophistication.
And the island is almost unrecognizable uncovered!
The windows are softened with simple linen panels we could use from my client's old home.

Much improved!

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Ah, the entryway -- such a small place to make a first impression! It should reflect who lives in the house, but not be cluttered. It needs to be functional, but not too utilitarian.........

Case in point:
 This family is way cooler than this entry indicates.

We gave the walls a new coat of grey paint and I went shopping.
Now it looks like:

Makes a great first impression!

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Big Changes for a Big Dining Room!

I am so excited to share this gorgeous dining room.....and it's not even finished!  One of my amazingly awesome clients moved into a new home. I loved her old space so much, it was hard to see it go, but this one's even better!! And her beautiful things are fitting so well!  Check out the transformation:

Here's what the room looked like when she bought the house:

And here it is today:
You might recognize some of the furnishings in the photo at the top of my blog -- that's her old dining room!

Love it!! 
The Anna French wallpaper and fabric is to die for. Gorgeous drapery by Custom Interiors.
The hardware matches the finish on the chandelier chosen by the previous homeowners like they were made together!

Thanks for checking it out.

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